Uptown Village Market

Saturday, May 6th, 11am – 5pm.

Location: 4321 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807



Benefit from socializing in the community around you! Gain valuable life skills, make new friends, and have fun!


Everyone will benefit, no matter where you are in the spectrum of autism. So, please come join us at the Uptown Village Market and increase your social interaction and social competency; vital components to your overall progress.


You will be welcomed and supported at this event setup specifically for artists and non-artist alike! And if you are an artist or you create handcrafted items, and would like to present and/or sell your creations, we will provide space free of charge.


There will be live music, shopping areas, food trucks, and more! Thousand of people attend this event, so there will be lots of unique opportunities to showcase and  your creations!


Please email us at info@brighterfuturecharity or call 800-314-5908 to reserve your spot.


Invite your friends and anybody who can benefit from this amazing opportunity to grow!