Event Digest: Robo-Tech Fest Long Beach

Our students had an amazing time at the annual Robo-Tech Fest in Long Beach.  Not only did we learn about robotics and all sorts of incredible functions for robots, we also had one of our very own students teach a LEGO workshop on his very

own LEGO design!  Brighter Future could not be more inspired by the passion and joy our students had creating and building all sorts of inspired structures and robots.  Additionally, three of our core students from this event (who had previously avoided the social interaction of showcasing their art) started to showcase their work and socialize with the community at

large at the event.  Our goal is to help foster inclusion and connect the community with the families we support, and we could not have been more ecstatic at the progress and connection our group made at this event.  For more information on our upcoming events please check out the upcoming events tab above and be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos!



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JOIN US ‪April 15th‬ ‪11am-3pm‬ 1305 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90806 Parents and children of all ages are invited to join us on the Long Beach City College campus to tinker, make slime, operate robots, attend hands-on workshops, and explore their interests in robotics, science, technology, engineering, art, and math, at the sixth annual ROBOTech Fest. Workshops will focus on engaging youth in science and technology in a fun and creative manner. Register online at www.brighterfuturecharity.org #autismtalents #autismsupport #autism #autismawareness #autismadvocate #autismproud #autismfamiliessticktogether #autismsocialskills #BrighterFutureCharity #brighterfuture #brighterfutureahead #brightefutureforautismkids#autismtalents #happyautism#robotech#robotechdefenseforce#robotechnewgeneration #longbeach

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