Event Digest: Torrance Antique Show

Brighter Future had an amazing time joining Torrance for their summer annual Antique Fair this last Sunday.  Our students could not get enough of all the cool old collectables and items displayed at the fair.  Our exploration groups set a record for the longest time ever spent out exploring and interacting with other vendors at an event simply because they were having so much fun!  In addition we had new art from our amazing artist on display and sale.  From one artist trying her hand at making some incredible Minnie Mouse ears, to one another adding her paintings for the first time to our space; we saw and wonderful increase in the amount of art our students brought to this event.  Be sure to join us for our next event few events for movies on the beach with the Dockweiler Youth Center and our amazing friend from the LA Dept. of Beaches, Peggy.  Find more details on what film we will be seeing which weekends and to register for the event on our website www.brighterfuturecharity.org  Can’t wait to see you all this July for our another incredible Brighter Future event!

Event Digest: Rock & Roll Flea Market

Brighter Future Charity had a blast, rockin and rollin around the Regent Theater in downtown LA for the Rock and Roll Flea Market.  Our students had a chance to see a ton of cool old vinyl records along with some classic rock and roll attire while they explored the market.  We heard an amazing story about one of our students and how he found an original Beatles band poster in the cover of an old ‘Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ album (so cool)!  We are further proud to report that all our students who participated sold some of there items at the market and we had a great time enjoying the fruits of our labor by indulging in some fun treats from the downstairs pizzeria.  Join us for our next event the Antique Market and Art Fair in Torrance, June 24th.  See you soon and keep on rockin!

Had a blast rocking and rolling with everyone at the Rock & Roll flea market this weekend in downtown Los Angeles. From…

Posted by Brighter Future Charity on Monday, June 4, 2018